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Making better connections

We live in a connected world. Great connections make life easier – they keep people in touch, save time and create opportunities for customer engagement and business growth. As a customer connections agency, Parkhouse uses data and insight to develop effective communication strategies, and delivers them with compelling creative at every stage of the customer journey.

Data and insight

Data lies at the heart of every successful customer communications strategy. So, whether you call it SCV (single customer view), CDP (customer data platform) or UCD (unified customer database), we build and manage databases to link data sources and keep everything in one easily accessible place. We set up business rules to drive automated communications, connect them seamlessly to your operational or marketing deployment engines, and back it all up with effective creative to engage with your audiences.

Customer journey

If only every customer went from A to B. We use the power of data to identify signals and trends, and understand the complexity of human behaviour – from purchase preference to brand loyalty and from life stage to lifestyle. We define targeting strategies, map customer journeys, test and refine… and work with our communication and creative specialists to deliver the right message at the right time, in the right format and across the right channel.

Channel strategy

By combining CRM technologies with imaginative multi-channel communications and creative designs, we connect with today’s ‘always on’ audiences. We talk to them at the right time, on the right channel – triggered by whatever action they take. Our creative teams apply expertise and imagination to everything from dynamic email and social media ads to augmented reality, data-capture microsites and apps – but never forget the power of traditional channels or the ‘theatre’ of print.


From brand strategy and creative design to tone of voice and implementation, we’ll help you connect with your audiences and stand out from the crowd. We’re experts in creating and refreshing identities and rolling them out across compelling corporate communications, persuasive campaigns, videos and intelligent digital marketing. We create brand stories that demand attention and action; that connect with people, change behaviours and improve your bottom line.

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