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Parkhouse awarded at the 2020 DMA’s

After being nominated twice, we are thrilled to have been awarded Silver in the Charity category at this year’s DMAs for our work with St Mungo’s!

The DMA Awards showcase the boldest, most brilliant work in the industry; the most inspiring, effective campaigns in data and marketing.

St Mungo’s wanted to challenge what people think. Many think homelessness always starts with drink or drugs and that the solution is a bed for the night. Many think animal charities are more deserving than human ones.

Parkhouse developed two test campaigns to subvert those views. Route 1 showed homelessness starts for many reasons: divorce, redundancy, bereavement, eviction. Wherever homelessness starts, donations help end it. Route 2’s insight was that Brits have more sympathy for animals than people. Ads looked like we were talking about the dog, but reveal we were talking about the person.

ROI was a target-busting

2.15 to 1

Average donation beat target by


Facebook donations were up


YouTube videos watched to the end


All in all, the most successful St Mungo’s Christmas Appeal ever raising over £250,000 to help end homelessness.

Check out the campaign we were nominated for – St Mungo’s case study

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