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St John Ambulance

Why speed matters for St John Ambulance

An ambulance takes around eight minutes to arrive at an emergency. Lives can be lost in as little as three. St John Ambulance first responders are able to get there faster which makes a critical difference.

Because speed is so important, we decided to inject urgency into the fund-raising to land the point interactively and memorably.

A zip tear made the envelope super quick to open, the reportage photography was more impactful, the yellow and the chevrons created drama, the copy was brisk and punchy and the call to action encouraged immediate response.

For living proof of the power of speed, we featured Stephen whose prompt action saved Alistair’s life. The average donation went from £21 to almost £29 and the warm donor mailing got a response of 19.63%, the best St John Ambulance have ever had. It immediately became the new ‘banker’ pack.

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